Lesson #1

Lesson #1 : Buffalo
This lesson was focused on primarily talking about the two theories of how the First Nation inhabited what is known as Turtle Island and North America respectively. The two theories were the bering strait and the creation story. In addition, we looked regionally at the plains people and how they survived the harsh prairie winters with the aid of their buffalo. We figured out all of the tools we could make using the buffalo. The work sheet is below.

Buffalo Work Sheet

Lesson #2

Lesson #2

This lesson focuses on living structures for First Nations people and how the living structure is a tool used to learn more about a group of people's culture. In addition, we go through an interactive powerpoint that allows us to build a tipi with the meaning. The students will then work on a work sheet that visually allows the students to differentiate the meaning between a nomadic, semi-nomadic and sedentary group of people.

Interactive tipi ppt

Work Sheet #2